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The Jarret/Jarrett family

As part of Chipping Campden History Society's Campden House project, I am researching the life of Sir Baptist Hicks (1551-1629) and there were a number of law suits between him and members of the Jarrett family about his acquisition of the Manor of Campden. I am wondering if there is any link between the Badsey/Aldington Jarretts and the Campden Jarretts? My Jarretts were Augustine, Anthony and Richard and their father was possibly Christopher. I don't have much information about them - Augustine was a malster and Anthony and Richard were dyers, but also landholders. Anthony is sometimes described as 'gentleman'. I have no dates of birth, marriage or death, although there is a will for Richard, probate granted 7th Feb 1633; his children were Clemens (d), Judith, Mary, Perkins, Margaret, Augustine, Richard and Elizabeth. Augustine is not a very common name, and neither is Jarrett, so I just thought there might be some connection. Can you help?

Re: The Jarret/Jarrett family

Thank you for your email. I am not aware of a connection between the Badsey Jarretts and Chipping Campden Jarretts, but that is not to say that there is not. Augustine Jarrett (1647-1685), whose memorial (along with his parents) is in Badsey Church, was the youngest son of William Jarrett (c1608-1681) and Jane Watson. If you go to the index of people,, on the Badsey Society website, you will see all the mentions of Jarretts. Summarised details of Augustine's will,, which will give you some idea of family relationships. I hope this helps.

Roll of Honour

Could you please tell me where the Roll of Honour for WWI is - for a time it was at Badsey School and then the British Legion Club. Thank you.

Re: Roll of Honour

There is one war memorial in St James' Church, Badsey - see for information. There is also a war memorial for former Badsey Council School boys who died which is still in the school hall at Badsey First School - see I am not aware of there having been a war memorial in the British Legion - I think the school memorial has always been held at the school.

Plumb And Checketts in evesham

Hello I am researching my family tree. I know several of the Plumb side are buried in Waterside.
I am aware of mu grandparent Albert and Annie Maud Plumb and their sones Harry And baby Albert but am wondering if if there is a list of people buried at Waterside that I can access online as I as quite a way from the HUB inn worcester.
I will be grateful for any help you could give.
Many Thanks

Re: Plumb and Checketts in evesham

My book on Waterside cemetery, covering all the burials, up until 2005, is in the Evesham Library. You have to ask for it as it is locked away, and for reference only. I can tell you that there are a total of 17 persons with the name Plumb buried in Waterside, 4 in Bengeworth and 2 in Hampton. There are 3 Checketts buried in Waterside and 2 in Hampton. I see that your grandparents are Albert & Annie Maude Plumb who have a monument in the cemetery as do your great grandparents Albert & Mary Ann. Some your gandfather's brothers are also in Waterside.
I have given my e-mail address should you require any help.
Peter Stewart

James Myatt born 1804

I am currently compiling my family history of which my great (x3) grandfather was James Myatt (1804-1879). Is it possible to view the James Myatt items in your archives?
I have a photograph of what appears to be a large gathering of the Myatt family (38 persons), which I believe was taken in Offenham, and a map of Offenham entiltled 'Appeal by Mr J Haskins.' The latter was in the possession of my late great aunt, Elizabeth Myatt, and it is a mystery as to why she had it. I can provide copies of both if they are of interest or you can assist with any further information for which I would be very grateful.

Re: James Myatt born 1804

Hello Roger

Our archives are located in a storage room in Badsey Remembrance Hall. Do you live close to Badsey? If you send me an email via, we can organize a time when someone may be able to let you have access to view the items concerning the Myatt family.

Badsey football player Sid glazzard

My father Sid Glazzard was proud to have played football for Badsey. He is pictured in the team photograph for the 1920/21 season.
He was actually semi professional footballer for Worcester City and had also played for Bromsgrove Rovers. Quite a feat for someone who had been wounded on the Somme.
I would like to buy or borrow the pamphlet by TC Sparrow titled 'Badsey Rangers Football Club, 100 Years'.
If you can assist I would be very grateful.

Re: Badsey football player Sid glazzard

Thank you for your email. I contacted Terry Sparrow, the author, who confirmed that all copies have been sold. I have therefore scanned the booklet which is in our archive and added it to the Badsey Rangers page. In the bottom left-hand corner you will see a PDF symbol. If you click on that, you will be able to see the whole booklet. It is a large file, so may take a while to load.

crawford ancestor

i have just found my ancestor william crawford baptised in badsey in 1577. the crawfords were in bromsgrove industry in the 18th and 19th centuries and i've been trying to find where they originated from.

Re: crawford ancestor

I have checked our records and we have a William STRAWFORD, son of George, baptised at Badsey on 10th May 1577. These early registers are often difficult to read, so it is possible that we may have mis-transcribed his name. Have you seen the original register, and are you able to confirm that it definitely says CRAWFORD and not STRAWFORD? We also have an Elizabeth STRAWFORD, daughter of George, who was baptised in 1780 and buried in 1783 (see the parish registers section of our website,

You say that the Crawfords were in Bromsgrove in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a gap of nearly 200 years. If the child baptised at Badsey was definitely CRAWFORD rather than STRAWFORD, are you able to provide a definite link between that William Crawford and the Crawfords of Bromsgrove several generations later?

Charles Henry MALIN 1909

This is my grandad I apreciate we are knights if you trace us backwards I am proud of William MALIN and his antics in world war 1 and I am happy to connect with anyone who is connected to me or my brother

Re: Charles Henry MALIN 1909

Is the Charles Henry Malin who married Phyllis Harris in 1935 in Braintree and had two sons Barry & Peter?

Malin Family Tree

I am researching my MALIN family tree. I have now found a connection with Badsey. Looking forward to findingout more.

Re: Malin Family Tree

I have much information on the Malin family particularly those originating from Badsey, Offenham, Broadway. Your name does not appear in the trees I currently have. Could it be that you have the name Jelfs also in your tree?

Peter Stewart

Re: Malin Family Tree

Hello Peter. Thank you for the reply. I have not come across a Jelfs in my family tree yet. Please can we make direct contact? Cheers for your help. David Malin.

Spiers & Hartwell

I am wondering if anyone knows the history of the Spiers side of this partnership please? There are numerous ways of spelling Spiers and this seems unusual for england. My middle name is Spiers and all my lot are from Scotland. I have traced a batch to Nottingham and there is another Spiers that moved to the midlands. Many thanks, Avril

Re: Spiers & Hartwell

The company was formed in 1972 by Deryck Angus Hartwell and Charles Spiers but now solely run by the Hartwell family.

Re: Spiers & Hartwell

One might also note the Football Stadium for Evesham FC which bears the company name

Re: Spiers & Hartwell

Thank you for the replies Peter. I will research the one I have and see if I can find out whether he stayed or was passing through.


Re: Spiers & Hartwell

Spiers and Spires are well established names locally, back to the 1800s. Sometimes both spellings are used within the same families.
Peter Stewart

Walter Stewart and Frances Stewart

I came for one of my frequent Badsey 'fixes' yesterday. While walking around the church and looking at my ancestors' graves, I noticed that a third memorial stone had been added to the memorials for Walter and Frances Stewart.
To put you in the picture, I'm the great grandson of William Henry Stewart and Charlotte Stewart who are both buried at the church, where the headstone has been laid flat as it is broken.
Nearby, Walter Stewart (one of my dad's uncles) and his wife, Frances are interred.
The third stone, which has only been laid in recent weeks is in memory of James William Stewart 1917-1993 so he has clearly been deceased for 22 years.
I would like who he was. Was he a son of theirs and how come the stone has only been laid recently? Someone has clearly had it done so this suggests that there is a relative living somewhere. Does this mean that I have a very distant cousin that I didn't know existed?

To provide some clarity, my dad was Kenneth William Payne, who was one of four children of John Payne (of Birmingham) and Emily Payne (nee Stewart) of Aldington. Emily was therefore my grandmother and pre-deceased me and she was one of seven children of William and Charlotte Stewart of Aldington.
I'd also love to know how she met John Payne as he was from Birmingham. She moved away when she married him. They had four children one of whom was my dad.

Sadly everyone has died now and I don't have anyone to ask so any help with plugging the gap in my knowledge would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

Best wishes.

Clive Payne

Re: Walter Stewart and Frances Stewart

James William Stewart was the son of Walter & Frances. His ashes were deposit between his parents stones when he died. This extra stone has only recently been put there obviously by one of his sons, or grandsons. There were three sons, Graham McBride Stewart, Malcolm James Stewart (1940-2008), and John. Between them they had seven children. So there are lots of family members who may have been responsible.
Peter Stewart

Re: Walter Stewart and Frances Stewart

Hello again Peter. Good to hear from you and thank you for your message. I had a feeling that you'd be the person who would come up with the missing information.

Therefore James Stewart would have been one of my late father's cousins then, with the seven children being second cousins to my father etc. The family members will be distant cousins to me then.

If anyone from the Stewart family would like to make contact with me, my e-mail address is

Thanks for your help Peter.

Clive Payne
(grandson of Emily Payne (nee Stewart)

10 Badsey Fields Lane

I note that 10 Badsey Fields Lane is for sale. Back in mid to late 1950s my parents Ted and Joan Howell and myself, Peter, lived opposite in 'Southwold' number 9. I used to play with the Tucker children from 10. Steven (?) and Rosemary. I remember there was a concrete air raid shelter in their garden we used to play in. I think we came when I was about 3, and left when I was about 10.
Dad worked for Espleys in Evesham and bought the land as a building plot and had the house built.
He is still alive and lives in Welford on Avon. I can ask him if you have any questions for him.

Are the Tuckers still in the village?
What of the air raid shelter?

Best regards
Peter Howell

Donald George Hartwell

My father, Donald George Hartwell, sadly passed away on October 23rd. He was born in Badsey on 14th March 1932, his father was George Baden Powell Hartwell and his mother was Hilda May Hartwell. Dad's sister Mavis Tucker died some years earlier.
He remained throughout his life interested in the goings on in Badsey and was a frequent visitor to your website.

Re: Donald George Hartwell


Very sorry to hear about Uncle Don. I am Mavis and George's daughter. I have recently started looking into my family tree and stumbled across your entry on the Badsey Society website. I think Dad lost contact with Uncle Don many years ago, but he talked about him sometimes. I keep in touch with family on my dads side of the family, but you are the first person I've come across on my mum's side. I guess that makes us cousins! X

Re: Donald George Hartwell

Hi Catherine

I met you once just after you were born. I would love to get back in touch with the family. I remember Rosemarie's wedding but I wasn't very old at the time. I saw your father's obituary in the paper some time after the event but dad had lost all contact. I have a lot of family history and some photos that may be of interest.

I hope to hear from you

Jeanette x

Re: Donald George Hartwell

Hi Catherine & Jeanette,

Also very sorry to hear that Don has passed away, he was my first cousin on my father's side.

Catherine you must be my 1st cousin once removed, please get in touch if I can help with the Family History.

Audrey Chase

This posting is to let anyone who knew Audrey Chase (nee Major) know that she sadly passed away on Friday 29th August 2014. She was 94 years old and had a lovely life. In her last years she lived in Bromyard, Herefordshire but never forgot Badsey.
Born in Badsey she was a keen market gardener helping her father Charles Major with "the land" during her early life prior to the war.
Mum has a letter posted in " Childrens school letters 1933" and I came across this some time ago and printed a copy to show her. It was such a surprise for her!
For anyone who can remember her and her family I would just like to add that I spent happy school summer holidays in Badsey and got to know the village and the way of life. No doubt things have changed a lot since?

Tim Chase

Silvester family

My great uncle Jim Silvester and his wife Mabel Lightfoot lived in Honeybourne. My distant cousin Anthony Silvester who I have, sadly lost contact with, lives/lived in Badsey. His parents Horace Silvester and Evelyn Keene. There was a brother Ted Silvester who died in a motorcycle accident along with his fiancee in the late 1930's. It made the front page of the local newspaper. Would love to have a copy of same.
Thank you.

Re: Silvester family

Carole, if you email me on I will be able to send you a contact address for your cousin, Anthony Silvester. Thank you.

Hill family

Thank you to Peter Stewart for the information on Winifred Hill's marriage. i shall pass on this info to another descendant of Frederick Hill who is also researching this family.

Hill family

thank you to Tony hartwell for providing a photo of Fred Hill's daughter, either Lucy or Winifred. i am researching Hill family, Fred Hill was police constable in 1911 in the village. He was my great grand uncle.

Re: Hill family

Winifred May Hill married John Hartwell at St. James Church, Badsey on April 5th, 1915. The witnesses were Basil Hartwell, Lucy Florence & Frederick Hill.


Does anyone know of any information about "Conger" who used to live in Badsey on "the top road", opposite Birds shop. Seems that was the only name he went by. Thank you for any information.

Re: Conger

Conger (also pronounced 'Cunger') was the Badsey roadman in the 1950s. He was probably the last village 'character'. There is a poem about his exploits in Brian Smith's recently released poetry book 'From Down Sands Lane to Cuckoo Bridge'.

Perkins/Morris Family


I came to the village at the weekend whilst on a Cricket tour from London and have traced my family to Fladbury, Bretforton and now, it seems, to Badsey. with the help of a couple of locals and your Vicar I was able to find a number of gravestones with the name 'Perkins' on them. I've previously traced the Perkins at Bretforton to 1700's but didn't realise there were so many in Badsey.

My Great great great Grandmother was Elizabeth Morris, born in Badsey in 1815, she married Charles Perkins and they went on to have one Son, Israel. I have no way, yet, of knowing if the Perkins buried in the graveyard are related to me but someone has left new flowers on a couple of their headstones.

If anyone knows who is leaving the flowers or if you are aware of the history of the name Perkins or Morris please get in touch. Thanks to all the people I met on Saturday.


Re: Perkins/Morris Family

My name is David Perkins my grandfather John Perkins lived in station road bretforton he had seven sons and one daughter
Now live at 22green close Studley I a m 79 years old l live with my wife .

Re: Perkins/Morris Family

My comment should have read 'One Badsey line of Perkins originated from Bengeworth...'

Re: Perkins/Morris Family

The Badsey line of Perkins originated from Bengeworth, Evesham. Starting with Thomas Perkins who was born in Bengeworth in 1814 and died there in 1880. He married Elizabeth Stanton in Evesham in 1839. Their son Frederick married Elizabeth Harris in Badsey in 1863. Their children and grandchildren subsequently married and settled in Badsey.
Peter Stewart

Re: Perkins/Morris Family

Hi Peter,

Thanks for that, those names don't sound familiar but I'll look into it.


Family History

Brilliant a

Just saying thank you

What a fabulous resource. I've had hours of pleasure working my way through the parish records and some of the other links.

A very big THANK YOU to those who worked so hard to put it together and to maintain it.


Thanks to all those who have put this together, I saw a photo of my Dad as a 12 year old that I had no idea even existed, there is also a letter that he wrote age 12 that is hard to believe, amazing. There is also some new information on my Great Grandfather William Haines that I had been unable to find before, there is a piece on my Grandfather Norris who served in WW1 from 1915 -1919, plus so much information of local people that I remember my Grandparents and Patents telling me about. My Grandmother was Florence Harris (HAINES) who lived at 52 Manor Rd (Whytebury Cott) born 1889 in Badsey in a totally different world to the one we know today, she lived in Manor Rd for 63 years until she died in 1981. Keep up the good work. JH


Thanks to the wonderful people who have made the Badsey site. You have helped me tremendously with the Knight side of my family tree. My G.g.g. Grandfather Charles Frederick Stratton married 8 Jan 1831 at St James Church, Badsey, to Ann Knight. I was wondering if Charles father's name is on the marriage record as I have been unable to find out his name. On your website you have his name spelt Stretton. I would love some help on this. Thank you, Elaine

Re: Stratton/Knight

By chance I saw a message on your website from Elaine, asking about the father of C.F.Stratton(1). My sister and I have quite a lot of information on the Stratton family from Anthony died 1767 through the Mayor of Evesham to the present day. There is a problem with the man she is looking for, but we can explain. I am curious to know which family line she is from, as Elaine isn`t in our Stratton Family Tree at the moment. Fred.

Information about the early days of Blackminster Middle

I stumbled across your fascinating website while trying to do some research about Blackminster Middle School. It will be the 75th anniversary of the opening of the school in September and we want to celebrate the event throughout this year.
I'm keen to find out as much as I can, as the new headteacher, and to include the memories of past pupils alongside facts and information in a commerative book. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work on your website.

Re: Information about the early days of Blackminster Middle


I would think that there would be quite a lot of interest in a book on the history of the school. I was a pupil there fifty years ago, and my neighbour, Ken Jelfs, now aged 86, was there from the beginning, as was Jean Bayliss of Middle Littleton. Both of them would have many memories. Ken has spoken often about how he was one of the children who travelled from Broadway by steam train during the war years, a risky journey as it passed by government stores of munitions at Honeybourne.


Will Dallimore